Regarding Vancouver


Laurynas Navidauskas


Laurynas Navidauskas


Environment Science
  • Release Date 2010
  • Running Time 22.5 minutes
  • Closed Captions No
  • Availability Canada, USA

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Regarding Vancouver Regarding VancouverRegarding Vancouver

A city's history is usually deeply rooted in its physical environment, and observable in mixed architectural styles, diverse neighbourhoods and other material traces of the past. Yet some cities, including Vancouver, British Columbia --one of the supposedly most livable cities in the world-- keep constantly reinverting and re-imagining themselves, eradicating their already infinitesimal material history. This kind of historical negation often leads to the creation of quasi-utopian vision of future and self-aggrandizing mythologies. Regarding Vancouver looks at the mythologies and image-making of the city. Black and white high contrast images of the city, shot with a fixed camera, form the visual foundation in the work and are married with a stunning soundscape.

From conversations with Vancouver architects Matthews Soules and Annabel Vaughan, poet and author Roy Miki, writer Derek Simons, Métis filmmaker and community planner Kamala Todd and SFU professor Jerry Zaslove, director Laurynas Navidauskis inserts compelling thoughts on Vancouver's infrastructure, the relationship between infrastructure and the land this city occupies, and the history Vancouver manages both to highlight and erase. The comments drift through a soundscape constructed by archival sound of Vancouver by the World Soundscape Project and an original score by Tom Fesnoux.  At its Toronto premiere during the Planet in Focus Film Festival, film critic Jovanna Jankovic praised Regarding Vancouver, describing the sound as ...absolutely stunning, a sort of Lynchian melodic hum which creates an uneasiness that only abates when the credits roll. Soundscape, musings and visuals come together as a meditation on the psyche of a city in this thoughtful work.

About the director: With an interest in urban environments, everyday life and memory, Laurynas Navidauskas began his art practice in photography before moving to film in the program at the School of Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University. After completing a BFA there, he pursued a Masters in Communications at SFU, creating this film as part of his Masters degree. Regarding Vancouver was included in the exhibition WE Vancouver: 12 Manifestos for a City at the Vancouver Art Gallery, February 11 to May 1, 2011.

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