What is Moving Images Distribution's refund policy?

* All DVDs sales are final.  Please check your playback requirements before ordering as refunds are not offered.  Moving Images Distribution guarantees that all DVDs will be free from defects at the time of delivery.  Moving Images will replace defective discs at no charge within 30 days from date of shipment.  We encourage buyers to review the DVDs upon receipt.

Before contacting us, please try the following:

  • Make sure your DVD player is compatible with DVD-R discs. 
  • Clean the disc with a soft, clean cloth, wiping from the centre to the outer edge. If necessary, use water with the cloth. Never use petroleum-based solvents, as they damage the surface of the DVD.

If the problem still persists, email: hello@movingimages.ca with your invoice number, if possible note the time code and what type of error is occurring.  

** There are no refunds for DSL.

*** Moving Images makes no representations of any kind, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, accuracy of the information contained within videos/media works or fitness of use for a particular purpose. All videos/media works are provided as is.

Why are prices so high?

Moving Images Distribution is pricing for educational institutions and not personal, single viewer, home use. We primarily distribute media resources to institutions, organizations, galleries, museums and public libraries. Our DVDs include Public Performance Rights for educational purposes.

The works we distribute have been created by artists and independent filmmakers who retain editorial control and copyright, and a good portion of the price is returned to them through royalties. This helps independent filmmakers to recoup production costs and continue making good-quality, well-researched films.

Do you accept orders from outside North America?

Please contact us at hello@movingimages.ca if you wish to place an order from outside of North America.  All DVD pricing shown is for work created in the NTSC system of video.  DVDs are in the DVD-R format and are encoded for all-region or region zero. Since orders placed are final sales, please check playback equipment for compatibility before ordering. DVDs in the PAL system of video may also be provided for some titles. Please contact us as there may be an extra charge for PAL version DVDs.

How do I submit a film for distribution?

Completed works:
We select a limited number of completed works for distribution each year and focus on representing work by Canadian artists and producers. 

Please contact us first by email and provide the following information:

• title, length, copyright date and a synopsis of the work
• a link to a clip or trailer, if available
• your full contact information including phone number

Haven't found the question or answer to suit your needs?

Please call us at 604.684.3014 or toll free at 1.800.684.3014 

or send an email to hello@movingimages.ca