Feminist Artists

Feminist Artists

Meet three amazing artists, Lida Moser, Nancy Edell and Suzy Lake, whose creative self-expressions in multiple-mediums inspire the viewer (audience) with their strong creative feminist voices challenging the social constructs of gender, beauty, youth, politics and more.

Lida Moser

Lida Moser was a New York photographer who travelled throughout Quebec during the summer of 1950, on assignment for the American magazines, Vogue and Look.  Moser had a simple yet powerful artistic vision, "to capture beauty on film" and she pursued this goal throughout her career, ignoring the artistic fashions of the day.  Lida Moser Photographer: Odyssey in Black and White


Nancy Edell

Nancy Edell is best known for the transgressive, representational works she created using an unlikely medium: rug hooking. Her practice included woodcuts, monotypes, drawings and animated films. Edell was rigorous in her craft and passionate about her feminist content. Sum of its pArts


Suzy Lake 

Performance artist and photographer Suzy Lake began her practice in the early 1960s. This in-depth portrait follows the artist and her process over decades of powerful works that address politics, gender, youth, beauty and aging. She continues to explore movement and time in her recent environmental portraits. SUZY LAKE: Playing With Time