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Henry's Glasses


Brendan Uegama


Nicole Leier Brendan Uegama
  • Release Date 2010
  • Running Time 20 minutes
  • Closed Captions Yes
  • Availability Canada, USA

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Henry's Glasses Henry's GlassesHenry's Glasses

This short drama is set in 1945, in internment camps for Canadians of Japanese origin. A family has been separated, the father in Ontario and his wife and three children in a camp in Tashme, British Columbia. Eleven-year-old Henry finds solace from the dreary life of internment through a pair of magic glasses given to him by his grandfather. These special glasses transport him from a world of darkness to one of beauty and light. Although the glasses mean more to Henry than any of the few possessions he has left, he shares them with Mr. Yamamoto in the hopes of lifting the elderly man from the depths of discouragement.

Festival(s): Vancouver International Film Festival

Director's Statement:

By any measure, we live in a world of plight. With recycled ideas and old formulas, we as filmmakers often continue to create cliches. In this loss of cinematic language, critical thought dissolves and mystery disappears. To stand out from this mold defines my success. Henry's Glasses originated from my need to look at the dreary and to make it magnificent. As I contemplated which tragic setting I could put my characters in, I was instantly attracted to the internment of the Canadian-born Japanese during World War Two. It was a personal matter, since my father and his family were forced to spend four years in one, in the Kootenay Mountains of British Columbia. We all know that the world has troubles. CNN and all-news networks present the world at its worst. I believe that the older we get, the more the negativity of world issues brings us down and conditions our minds. But the youth of the world who are oblivious to this madness are in bliss. These young minds are still full of creativity and, for the time being, remain untainted. The possibilities are endless. Thankfully, this genius never dissolves. It exists in us all. With adults, sometimes itʼs just a bit more difficult to find our inner child - the inner genius we all possess. Some people claim to be telekinetic or telepathic. If so, they have the ability to control a portion of their mind that the majority of us cannot. What if we learn to control our minds to the fullest potential? If we can, is it possible to change the environment around us - directly in front of our eyes? To my dismay, as far as I know I am not psychokinetic. I know this because since I first saw Star Wars as a child, I have continually tried to use jedi mind tricks, but to my alarm, to no avail. But, to my delight, my power lies in other places - creation and cinema. For those reasons, I blended my thoughts and beliefs, used my imagination and created Henry's Glasses. Itʼs a beautiful tale, set in a less-than-perfect time. Everything we know of is now history, and the only moment that is current is the present. I believe we must acknowledge our history, never forget it and find ways to be enlightened by it. I hope one day we will be able to look back at the dark days of the world and find many reasons to smile. - Brendan Uegama Filmmaker's website:

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