HOLODOMOR - Voices of Survivors

Twenty-five Ukrainian Canadians tell their stories of survival during the Holodomor--death inflicted by starvation--a genocide of Ukrainian people engineered by Joseph Stalin during 1932 and 1933

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Exile: Burden of Memories

Testimonies by Chilean exiles and their families as they recall the September 11, 1973 military coup.

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Bay St. Healer: Dr. Gordon Warme

“It's stupid to pathologize
life” Toronto psychiatrist
Dr. Gordon Warme.

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Incorrigible: A Film About Velma Demerson

In 1939, she was arrested under the Ontario, Female Refuges Act for having a Chinese boyfriend and sentenced to a year in prison.

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The Ice Walk Carousel Banner

The Ice Walk

The Mi’kmaq and ally settlers

host a reconciliation event,

The Ice Walk. Is this merely a

performative event or a step

toward real change?

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Discarnate: Mcluhan's wake Movie Poster

Only Marshall McLuhan could have prophesized “today our brains are outside our skulls”.

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Unceded Chiefs

Unceded Chiefs traces the historic early activism of BC First Nations Leaders who in the late 1960's unified in a battle against the Canadian government to reject Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau's proposed 1969 White Paper Policy.

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Ravens and Eagles

Shares the roots of traditional Haida art, from the inside perspective of a member of the Haida community, writer, producer and director Marianne Jones. At the same time exploring the wider historical and political issues of the repatriation of Haida artifacts, the vital potlatch ceremony once declared illegal by the Canadian government, and the fight to preserve old growth forest on Haida land.

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Dr. Mary Anne Cooper is the feisty senior who is the darling of her west coast community. She is proof that old age is no deterrent to living a purposefully and productively.

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Inside/Out: A Prison Memoir

The true story of one man's search for community inside and outside of Prison. His introduction to drugs, crime and memories of almost 10 years behind Penitentiary walls.

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Rocky and Joan

The Untold Story of Canada's Black Activists during the Civil Rights Movement

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We Remember (Film and Book)

We Remember

The remastered 1978 film, We Remember directed by Raymond Yakeleya documents his travels to communities in the Mackenzie Delta in the Northwest Territories of Canada. We Remember is a significant time capsule that reflects on the history of these people whose lives were forever altered by settlers and Treaty 11 (signed in 1921).

The first edition paperback book, We Remember: The Coming of The White Man, provides an in-depth history of the Dene People in the early twentieth century. Includes the oral histories by ten Elders in Gwich'in Dene and English language.


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