Watching for the Queen

Watching for the Queen

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11 minutes


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A mathematically ordered restructuring of two seconds (48 frames) of stock newsreel footage, primarily concerned with the frame as information unit and the change in formation between frames.

"The first frame of the original shot is frozen for 1200 frames (approximately one minute), the next two for 600 frames, the next four for 300 frames, etc. The result is a slowly accelerating montage and a concretization of the `real' event through time. It is as if a reinvention of the motion-picture domain of `reality' was being undertaken. The transformation of a `sea of anonymous faces' into a `narrative of personalities' becomes a distinct possibility as movement and reflexive action are consolidated."
     - Al Razutis, Multi-media artist, educator and innovator in film and video

"As in all his loop films from the early seventies - especially Surfacing onthe Thames, Seashore and Fracture - Rimmer's concentration on surface texture and grain, and his attentiveness to shifting light patterns provoke a metaphysical tension that is the real subject of his films. Like a time-bomb uniquely poised between stasis and movement, Watching for theQueen is a paradigmatic exercise in structural filmmaking."
     - Ian Birnie, Director of the Film Department, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Black and white, silent

Also available as a 16mm print with advanced notice.

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