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The life of a First World War veteran and the climate of a forgotten time are poetically showcased in Brücke. His quest to find where he once felt whole through his passion leads him to forge far depths on his own terms. This film was inspired by the Verism artistic movement of Germany in the 1920s.


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Artist's statement:

Animation has boundless capacity. It can be used to transport its viewers into the essence of a time period while utilizing a combination of emotion, imagination and story. The perusal and study of art history is an essential facet to the development of my storytelling and filmmaking. Animation, a young medium in the terms of art history opens up a new opportunity to stake a place on the ever progressing and referential timeline of art. The creation of animation for this purpose is to engage dialogue between mediums and forge unprecedented spaces in between.

The fascination our society has had with the portrayal of self and the haunting ability for German artists including Otto Dix in the 1920’s to capture the spirit of a glittering while disintegrating humanity has been the standpoint of inspiration for my own work. New Objectivity, the German portraiture art movement depicts society through the faces of people with grotesque features, rich textures and dissolute subject matter. The transference of the still nature of painting into animation, which encapsulates movement of imagery, has allowed me to create a visually rich character driven world.

Building upon the device of the portrayal of self, the story of an individual is used to act as representation of a struggle for reverence in society. The connections we have with each other may not be outwardly obvious but the emotional hurdles depicted through story resonate vastly. I want people who see my film to have an emotional response to my work because that would mean they were able to place themselves into the world I’ve created.

Story is the core of my work. My desire is for story to captivate my audience. Visuals and thematic choices are built from the story to strengthen it. Story of a time period, and place through an individual have been woven together and supported by the use of sketchy line, saturated colours, choppy animation, characters with exaggerated features and texture. Reworking timing as to incorporate the act of observing a painting with slow, drawn out pacing forces the audience to look and give weight to the images on screen. The theme of freedom of movement of the body through dance has been setup to parallel the constrictions of the body that are outwardly placed upon it from society.

The process of deciding on what elements of animation to bring together with the goal of creating a mesmerizing story grounds my passion for animation. Animation allows for the director to have full control of building the world to bring an audience into. The understanding that inspiration can come from all forms of study has instilled a keen level of observation for my craft. The process of learning and fascination of art and humanity in builds a comprehensive library in which to fuse elements to bring story to life.


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