Basic Space

Basic Space

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4 minutes


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Basic Space explores the reality of sharing a small apartment with a less-than-ideal roommate. Traditional techniques merge with digital technology in this papercraft animation. Stop-motion techniques with paper models and puppets were painstakingly photographed, printed and cut out to create a tactile work employing a mixture of live-action and animation.


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Artist's statement:

The real intrigue of animation to me is the ability it gives us to take the worlds we hold in our imaginations and bring them to life. Anything that we can dream can be realized with this spectacular form of storytelling. It is this creation of worlds, this life that we can breathe into whatever we wish to see live, that drives us to a life of animation. At least, that’s what drove me. Every element of an animated film must be weighed and considered by its director: the characters, the settings, the music, the mood. A single motion made by a tree branch positioned far into the visual depth of a film can mean the difference between a pleasant spring day and an incoming hurricane.

Storytelling is something that we, as a species, always have been--and forever will be--captivated by. Whatever is said from one person to another will always carry over the personal inflection of the teller. Not only that but it will also be perceived differently depending on who is listening. We can change a story simply by the tone of our voices, by the difference of a colour, or by a mark on a page. This is something I love to gage in the reaction to my storytelling; whether or not I hit the mark, and how others will take my story and make it their own.

I find that in animation, story not only comes from what the artist has set forth to accomplish, but from what comes out of the process itself. One of the most satisfying experiences in creating an animated film is to see where it will take you as an artist. The medium that one may choose to work with can lead an animator into a way of working they may not have expected. This is certainly what I discovered while working so much with paper. I had struggled with attempts to force my medium into doing what I had planned for it to do. Once I let go and let the materials lead me into how they wanted to be formed, the results improved drastically and I began to appreciate what was being created much more.

I have a love for the old styles of this art form. The pencil, the puppets and the tactile world are all very dear to me. With today’s ever expanding realm of digital space and technical controls, there has emerged a sort of nostalgia and yearning for the handmade. We miss the old world, but we love the new. This is something that drives my artistic practice. I most enjoy working within palpable environments where I can feel and experience the world that I am creating, and at the same time I love the abilities that technology has granted me. Using the tools that are now at my disposal I can take the tactile worlds that emerged from my imagination and push them even further. It is important to me that I carry on my understanding of the basics of animation, and I translate these principles into any medium that I work with be it digital or traditional.

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