Thomas Lafarge

After graduating from university in 2010, Thomas Lafarge joined the Capa agency as a reporter. In the process, he made his first documentary film working with Gédéon Programs. Thomas is just as demanding on the quality of the content as he is on the aesthetics of the form. He directed two documentaries on the economic crises in the United States and Europe (2x55 mins, TOUTE L'HISTOIRE), then on immigration policies in France since 1974 (65 mins, TOUTE L'HISTOIRE).

In 2013, he flies to New York and for several weeks he pointed his camera in the direction of Harlem. This led to the documentary film "Harlem Two Faces" (52 mins, ESCALES). Passionate about politics and economics, he chose to devote himself to his first passion: investigative reporting. Drunk with rage after being denied a mortgage loan, he co-directed alongside Xavier Harel the film BNP PARIBAS, DANS LES EAUX TROUBLES DE LA PLUS GRANDE BANQUE EUROPEENNE in 2018, produced by Little Big Story (90 mins, FRANCE 3, RTBF). He won the INVESTIGATION AWARD at FIGRA 2019 for this film.

Films by Thomas Lafarge