Marina Dodis


Marina Dodis is a documentary filmmaker from Vancouver, Canada who worked for many years as a still photographer, both for clients and magazines.  She specialized in portraiture as well as architecture, travel and documentary. In 2011/12 she took the Documentary Film program at Capilano University, where her student film, Going Strong, was acquired by Knowledge Network (BC’s public broadcaster) and featured in a number of local film festivals. She has worked for a wide range of organizations, corporate clients and publications, making more than 15 short films. For the majority of the films, she has directed, edited and captured the footage.

Her extensive travels have informed her awareness of diverse cultures and social justice issues.  She has created videos in collaboration with Indigenous organizations and bands, ranging from elders circles to potlatch celebrations. Her interest in film is centred on revealing people’s rich stories in a visually compelling manner, as well as people’s relationship to nature. 

Recent work includes creating short pieces for the Vancouver Foundation on Downtown Eastside art grant recipients, as well as a film to accompany an exhibit of Northwest Coast Indigenous art at the Bard Graduate Center in NYC. Her most recent project is a film on urban salmon and has been accepted to the Norwegian Short Film Festival, DOXA Film Festival (Vancouver), Friday Harbour Film Festival (San Juan, Wash.) and World Community Film Festival (Courtney, BC).

Films by Marina Dodis