Jason DaSilva


Jason DaSilva’s first film Olivia’s Puzzle (2001) screened at more than 30 film festivals including Sundance. The film received an Oscar qualification in 2003 and was initially broadcast on HBO and PBS/POV in 2004. His next two films in this series, A Song for Daniel (2005) and Twins of Mankala (2006) , were also aired on PBS/POV in 2005, 2006 respectively. Other documentaries produced and directed by Jason include Lest We Forget (2003), and First Steps (2009). His video Call It a Day, is a poetic contemplation on everyday existence. He also worked on a long format series, Shocking and Aweful, that screened at the Whitney Biennial in 2006. 

Jason completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, and a Master of Applied Arts at Emily Carr University in Vancouver. At 26, his life took a turn when he was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis. Redefining himself and his career as a filmmaker, he started working on the ITVS-funded film documentary When I Walk, based on his experiences of living with MS in his twenties. His most recent work was an in-front-of-camera host for We Keep Moving, an online series presented by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  Jason's works have presented at film festivals around the world, winning several awards, the most recent of which is an Emmy for When I Walk, chosen as the Best Outstanding Informational Program at the Emmy Awards in October 2015.

Films by Jason DaSilva