Grace Smith


Grace Rebecca Smith was born in Edmonton, Alberta, and grew up in Northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Always one for storytelling, she began writing when she was in elementary school. After a successful first short film at the age of twelve, she continued making them, and after high school attended Vancouver Film School. In film school, Grace majored in post-production and producing while auditing directing classes. She graduated in 2012 and received a diploma in Film Production. Afterwards, she moved back to Saskatchewan after graduation and is currently employed at CTV Saskatoon, honing her communication, technical and storytelling skills while working with the talented crew on documentaries.

Grace's passion is in making films that show the people behind the statistics. Numbers can enthrall us, but only to a certain extent. It is the stories of these men, women, and children who engage us and help us understand the "why" behind the numbers. Grace's goal is to share these stories with Canadians, so that our communities, our society, and our country can grow stronger - together. Grace hopes that her documentaries will help to break down walls that divide us. She hopes that telling stories of some of these marginalized Canadians will help us to understand each other, and to understand the stories that make us who we are today.

My Only Daughter is Grace's first documentary. With it, she is hoping to share the pain and heartache of one woman so non-Indigenous people can connect to the realities of what Indigenous families face everyday living in Canada.


Films by Grace Smith