Imtiaz Popat


Imtiaz Popat is a media producer working in video production and radio. He produced and directed a short documentary called Hate Can Kill, about the murder of the caretaker of a Sikh Temple in Surrey by white supremacist Skinheads. He also directed a short called Khar Ki Khani for the Daisy Chain Project produced by Kevin Desouza. He is the Executive Producer for Breaking the Silence, a short documentary about Mary Seki and her brother Akihide John Otsuji which has come out of making Stolen Memories.

He has also worked on other projects such as Getting Married, produced by Nilesh Patel and directed by Rani Sandhu for City TV, as well as an IMAX docudrama called India - Kingdom of the Tiger. He is currently working on producing other documentaries and short projects and also producing and hosting The Rational, Bulland Awaaz and Mirch Masala on Vancouver CO-OP Radio.

Films by Imtiaz Popat