Richard Hardy

Richard Hardy was born and raised in Edmonton Alberta. He originally got into this captivating field as an actor but soon found out it was not enough for him to just receive his lines. As a writer/director/producer he has received many awards for his short films including best director for Axe N Shovel at the 2006 Edmonton International Film Festival's 24/one film competition. He has received many accolades including best picture for Fine Line in 2008 and Hard Tiimes in 2009 at Favas 48 hour film challenges.

At the 2011 Alberta Media Productions Industry Awards his co-creation Slingshot was nominated for eight Alberta Media Production Industry Awards where Slingshot took home Best Alberta Short Film and Best Make-up. Richard is an all around filmmaker in every sense of the word and has often be heard to say there is no job on any set he is above doing as he believes every part of the puzzle is equally important. Chemistry is the one secret ingredient he tries very hard to put together on every set he steps foot on.

Films by Richard Hardy