jamie griffiths

jamie griffiths is a UK born photographer, film director, performer, experimentalist, interactive computer media artist & community gallerist. jamie emigrated to Canada in her early 20's but still retains a strong foothold in Europe, collaborating & performing with other artists and teaching workshops.

Innovations in experimental photographic darkroom techniques led jamie into film-making and interactive performance collaborations with dance and music, using motion capture/trigger techniques & wireless hand controllers. Her latest works have included a 3D video-projection collaboration with mathematician & knot specialist, Rob Scharein & the birthing of her 'pseudo-robot' called I.V.Y.

jamie’s photographic & performance works have exhibited internationally since 1992. Photographic portraits in the queer SM, body-manipulation & transgender cultures of the 1990’s in San Francisco & Vancouver morphed into experiments with photo-therapy technique, working over extended periods of time on projects with friends living with hermaphrodism & AIDS/HIV. jamie's photographs have been published in 17 countries and exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Paris, London, Vancouver and Toronto.

Films by jamie griffiths