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Sara McIntyre is a storyfinder, communicator and filmmaker. She has learned the craft of storytelling through careers as an actress, singer, casting director, personal coach, producer, workshop facilitator for screenwriters, and in corporate communications. Her directorial debut was the award-winning short film "My Father's an Actor", made in 2004 through the Director's Guild of Canada program, Crazy8s.

Sara’s inaugural feature film as a Director is Two Indians Talking. The film was named People’s Choice Award, Most Popular Canadian Film at the 2010 Vancouver International Film Festival; and earned Sara a Best Director Award from the 2011 Cowichan International Aboriginal Festival of Film and Art; and a Silver SpIFFY for Most Promising Filmmaker by the 2011 Spokane International Film Festival.

Sara's films are intelligent, thought-provoking, colourful, humorous and inspiring. She asks an audience to go deep into their beliefs and find out what's most valuable in life. She is a defender of beauty, humanity, sovereignty, laughter, and self-awareness. In this way, she fits the mold of the self-reflective Canadian filmmaker, but her stories are universal in their specificity — and always contain the spark of joy.

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