Awkward Moment Productions

Awkward Moment Productions

Awkward Moment Productions was formed in 2008 to create an outlet for filmmakers with compelling and innovative ideas. Founded by Doug Kerr, Marshall Axani and Chris Judson to coincide with their first project The Light of Family Burnam, they have since gone on to work with such industry professionals as Alan Ruck (Spin City, Ferris Bueller's Day Off), D.B. Sweeney (Fire In The Sky, The Cutting Edge), Aviva (Superbad), David Lewis (Harper's Island, The Girlfriend Experience), Alex Ferris (The Time Traveller's Wife, RV), Bif Naked, Red One and Steve Bays of Hot Hot Heat.

Having already garnered themselves a reputation for undertaking high quality, high concept films, AMP has amassed an incredible wealth of industry support. Chris, Doug and Marshall each bring a strong resume of professional experience and complement each other's skills to allow them to be a strong backbone to any project where confidence and collaboration is key.

Awkward Moment Productions has since screened in several local and international festivals, including the Shnit Festival in Switzerland, Germany, South Africa, Heart of Gold Festival in Australia, Cannes Short Film Corner 2009, Heartland Film Festival 2009, and has collected six nominations at the Leo Awards 2009 and seven wins at the inaugural Vancouver Short Film Festival 2009, including Best Screenplay, Best Picture, and Audience Award for The Light of Family Burnam.

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