Catrina Megumi Longmuir


This artist, filmmaker, documentary producer and facilitator has been working in media art for the past 15 years with a passion in working with diverse communities to create aesthetically, socially and culturally signficant films and art.

Catrina graduated from Concordia University with a BA in Studio Art and Anthropology in 2009. Through her work at the National Film Board, she faciltated workshops in digital storytelling to encourage community-based media art with initiatives such as Our World, Tales from Bridgeview, The Colouring Book and the annual DOXA Youth Connexions program.

Since 2010, Catrina has worked as a co-producer for Our First Voices, a compilation of short films directed by Indigenous directors on a theme of revitalization of First Nations languages, in partnership with the Knowledge Network and the First People's Language, Heritage and Cultural Council. Other community projects include Diverse Voices and Portraits, an anti-racism project with her creative partnership Lisa g Nielsen and Bite Size Media and Telling the Stories of the Nikkei--New Denver.

Catrina worked with Sharon Bliss to co-produce How A People Live, a documentary directed by Lisa Jackson and created for and with the collaboration of the Gwa'sala and 'Nakwaxda'xw First Nations community at Tsulqaute near Port Hardy.


Films by Catrina Megumi Longmuir