Raymond Yakeleya


Raymond Yakeleya is an award winning Dene television Producer, Director and Writer. Raymond is originally from Tulita (formally Fort Norman) in the central Northwest Territories. For the last 18 years, he's called Edmonton his home.

Raymond has over 30 years in the television industry. The documentary films he has made with Bill have been selected for showing at festivals around the world including the John Grierson Film Festival, the Robert Faherty Festival and the Margaret Mead Film Festival, as well as the Museum of the American Indian in New York and the British Museum of Mankind in London. He has won national and international awards for his work.

Raymond received his photography and advanced television production at the Banff School of Fine Arts and attended the University of Southern California summer cinema program in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

In 1979, Raymond and Bill produced, for CBC, their first award winning documentary together titled We Remember and in 1981 produced and directed The Last Mooseskin Boat, also an award winner, for the National Film Board. Since 1998, Raymond and Bill have produced four national television series and are currently in production of their fifth.

Raymond has always believed that Canada's First Nations people need to have a voice in mainstream media in order to tell their people's stories, their way. With the passing of many of Elders, the telling of these stories has become even more important.


Films by Raymond Yakeleya