Giovanni Attili

Giovanni Attili is a documentary film maker and Urban Planning Researcher who teaches in the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, University "La Sapienza", Rome.

His research interests are connected with the representation of the city: a concept which requires an interdisciplinary approach to the city itself (intersecting urban planning, visual anthropology and cinema). His attention is focused on the use of "images" as catalyst of social interaction in urban planning processes.

Giovanni started working on multimedia productions during his PhD, when he created the hypermedia Esquilino: space of points of view: an interactive tool based on the collection of life stories of Afghan refugees and created by using multiple languages and representational codes (voices, footages, drawings, maps, texts, music, photographs...)

Afterwards he created his first documentary Pigneto: voices on stones a 30 minues film about a gentrifying neighbourhood in Rome.

With Leonie Sandercock, he made the award-winning documentary Where Strangers Become Neighbours (National Film Board of Canada, 2007). The film received a Special Mention in the International Federation of Housing and Planning's film competition (Sept 2006) and an Honorable Mention in the Documentary section of the Berkeley Video and Film Festival (Oct 2006). Sandercock and Attili's book plus DVD package, Where strangers become neighbours: the integration of immigrants in Vancouver, was published by Springer in 2009.

Giovanni has now completed a second documentary with Leonie Sandercock, Finding our Way, which looks at relations between First Nations and non-Native Canadians in northern BC. For more info, see:

Together with Leonie Sandercock, Giovanni has also published an edited collection, Multimedia Explorations in Urban Policy and Planning: beyond the flatlands (Springer: August 2010), which looks at the uses of multimedia as a form of community engagement, policy dialogue, and empowerment.

Among his other publications: Rappresentare la città dei migranti (2008) and Storie di città (with Decandia L. and Scandurra E., 2007).

In 2005 Giovanni received the award "G.Ferraro" for the best Urban Planning PhD Thesis in Italy and also the award from Italy's National Institute of Urban Planning (INU) resulted from a research paper: "The Pigneto: Gentrification processes and new residential dynamics"

Films by Giovanni Attili