Karen Chapman


Karen Chapman is the founder of Smallaxx Productions, a grass roots production company based in Canada. Most recently, she has produced, written and directed Beauty Lies, in this self portrait; Chapman explores her feelings about her natural hair as a black woman in a media-driven world, revealing layers of insecurities. The film premiered at the Vancouver Student Film Festival in 2008 where it won the British Columbia Perspective Award. It was also screened at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles and the Women of Colour Film Festival in Atlanta but not before airing on Movieola, a specialty short film channel.

Currently, Karen is producing a documentary film about the history and success of the Caribana Parade in Toronto, while analyzing the event as a major catalyst in the to CanadaŹ¼s foundation of multiculturalism. She was also recently requested by Vancouver Foresight to create the first film about the revolutionary community initiative supporting alternate medication. A student at Emily Carr University in Vancouver, Karen is currently pursuing her goal to become a master documentary filmmaker.


Films by Karen Chapman