Laurynas Navidauskas

Laurynas Navidauskas is a filmmaker and photographer exploring the themes of memory, surrealism, and everyday life. He is a graduate of Simon Fraser University's School for the Contemporary Arts (BFA), and Simon Fraser University's School of Communication (MA). His other directing credits include short film Good Night, Sleep Tight (2006; short; Best Student Film in Images Festival 2007), Snapshot (2007; short), and A City in Five Minutes (2008; short).

Artist's Statement
Thematically, I am most interested in the studies of memory, everyday life and urban environment. My film and photography work has largely been focused on the city, using various visual techniques to defamiliarize and rediscover the images of urban decay and development, as well as exploring documentary genre to create deliberate anachronisms and thus unsettle historiographic verisimilitude. Oftentimes I break down still and moving images to nearly abstract visuals, then pulling them back ever so slightly into the urban reality. My practice is informed by the Surrealist tradition of seeking a ‘spark' in juxtaposition of the elements of the mundane, and phenomenological explorations of image production and consumption.

Films by Laurynas Navidauskas