Joel Furtado


Joel Furtado grew up reading comics and watching cartoons. As he got older he developed a serious interest in both and pursued a career in the arts. He fused these interests by completing a degree at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design with a major in animation.

During high school, Joel began taking figure-drawing classes with the Winnipeg Art Gallery. This led to other art projects including a national art competition that he entered in his final year of high school. Joel was selected as a finalist and competed in Ottawa with 13 other Canadian students. He was positive that art was something he wanted to continue in his post-secondary education. After scouting various schools across Canada, Joel chose Emily Carr due to its diverse art programs. He was accepted into the animation department where he began exploring various animation techniques for the first time. He has now had experience in working with many different animation forms including hand drawn, cutout, puppet, stop motion, paint on glass, and 3D. Most recently, his animated projects have been focused mainly in the digital realm.

Joel's influences include international animators, comic artists, classical artists as well as musicians. He likes to experiment with mediums and techniques when creating animation and still images.



Films by Joel Furtado