Deb Dawson

Deb Dawson has been freelancing or working independently in animation since 1980. As a graduate of Sheridan College of Applied Arts and Technology she has a graphic arts background and for several years after graduation she did past-up on ads and magazines.

But the allure of animation proved to be too strong to resist. She started in production doing inking and painting and eventually designing characters and story boarding then assisting animation on commercial work mainly at International Rocketship Ltd. a Vancouver studio.

In 1993 she directed/designed a 1:15 spot for Sesame Stree (Can) that went on to be screened at The Annecy International Film Festival in France. Later that year production was finished on her first animated 8 min. film entitled Pollen Fever. Subject matter: female bee with beehive hairdo that fights with (presumably male) flowers. Traditional hand drawn animation on cell. It was screened at various festivals around the world. She also designed, directed and animated short spots for Nickelodeon, Nice at Night, The Women's Television Network, Much Music and YTV through the 90's.

In 2004 she finished production on Little Armadillos" 5 min. which was done for The National Film Board of Canada. Subject matter: the mites that live on our skin. For that animated film she did design, backgrounds, animation, story boarding, production management and direction. In was in competition at various festivals.

Ray Condo's Crazy Mixed Up World wrapped up in early 2010. It's an animated homage to the late, great Canadian musician Raymond Tremblay AKA Ray Condo. Deb produced, directed, designed and animated this film.

Films by Deb Dawson