Sharon Yu

Sharon Yu just finished her final year in Commerce at the University of British Columbia. Her studies have taken her around the world. She had an opportunity to work for Strongman Cycles, a bicycle manufacturer in Vietnam, as an executive assistant for a full summer. She had also been co-op for the past year working for General Electric and Maersk Logistics.

As roommates with writer Nozomi Imanishi during their time at UBC, Sharon loved to stay up and listen to the current story Nozomi was working on. One story in particular caught her imagination-that of a young girl learning to cope with the outside world and, ultimately, gaining strength. This story (Chika's Bird) vividly echoed her own struggles. Through friends and dedicated research, Sharon has come to understand the process of filmmaking both artistically and commercially. She plans to apply the skills she learned in commerce to produce films.

Films by Sharon Yu