Kate Kroll


Kate Kroll is a multi-skilled filmmaker with a strong passion for filmmaking, especially documentary. Through her company, Black Moon Media, Kate is committed to utilizing video as a conduit to allow important stories to be told and voices to be heard.

In addition to creating award-winning films, Kate has garnered many awards and grants including; the Women In Film & TV Legacy Award; the Director's Guild of Canada Kickstart Award, Canada Council for the Arts Production Award, the National Film Board Filmmakers Assistant Program, and two grants from the BC Arts Council.

Notably, Kate's work has screened at the Toronto International Film Festival, the Vancouver International Film Festival, ImagineNative and has been broadcast on Bravo, Super Channel, Knowledge Network, Vision TV, APTN and Air Canada. Since graduating film school in 2005, Kate has worn a variety of hats from concept to post - working relentlessly as a director, producer, editor, production manager, and cinematographer.

Kate brings her many passions into all of her projects. She has toured the world in a band, is an accomplished Burlesque performer, a live theater producer, flamenco dancer, entertainment wrestler and a dedicated traveler & adventurist. She is always searching for new stories to tell, fascinating people to meet, keyholes into secret worlds to peer, and unique subcultures to explore.


Films by Kate Kroll