Benjamin Schuetze

Benjamin Schuetze was born in Paris, raised in Hannover, Germany and emigrated to Vancouver Canada when he was 10. After a theatre high school career, an extensive carpentry practicum, a four and a half year Anthropology degree, and another year or so of working full time waxing rich people's boats and riding miniature ferries and playing drums in a touring band Benjamin, assuaged to his suspicions that he was an artist. He quit his job and enrolled in an art school. He chose film because it would let him combine all his varied interests in theatre, music, photography, and writing.

Artist's Statement
This piece represents the culmination of three separate attempts making this film. each time with a different approach; this final version being the shortest on exposition and the broadest in meaning.

The culminating incident in the film, for instance, has the potential to be viewed in many different ways. For me the decision of having Ende's character portrayed as child when and how he commits the deed, acts more as a metaphor of the way in which a person may ‘understand' death as a way out then a real recording of the event. In fact the memory itself; the string, the forest, and Ende's decision, may represent Damian's way of rewriting the actual story to come to grips and live with the loss of his friend.

It was important for me that the film focused more on the relationship of a person to memory or the idea of someone than a defined and concrete sequence of delineated events. The changing of the seasons, the circular repeating nature of Damian's visits and the memory of the tragedy act more as interchangeable puzzle pieces to create a picture an internal emotional state than a history of events.

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