Jeffrey Patton


Jeff began his media career early as a university newspaper reporter and TV scriptwriter in Los Angeles, while pursuing his first degree, a BSc in Mass Communications. Since then his visual media experience has included work as:

•Producer for the one-hour HD documentary entitled E.J. Hughes Restoration-Triumph Over Hard Times, which premiered in the packed Shaw auditorium to more than 200 people during the Nanaimo Art Gallery's E.J. Hughes Celebration of May 15-June 7, 2009. The film received a standing ovation having moved the viewers to both laughter and tears. This $108,000 production was financed by grants from the Canadian Independent Film and Video Fund, the Jarislowsky Foundation, and the Audain Fund for the Visual Arts, and tax credits. The production crew went on-location to shoot private collections of Hughes' paintings and capture the artist's point-of-view at many Vancouver Island and Gulf Island sketching locations. The production also shot collections and interviews in metro Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa at the National Gallery of Canada and the Canadian War Museum. Shot over a period of one and a half years, the storyline of E.J. Hughes Restoration captures the heroic struggles that art conservator Cheryle Harrison had to restore a rare "lost and then found again" 1938 E.J. Hughes wall mural that was literally falling apart and peeling off it's plaster. Into the restoration drama the film interweaves the fascinating story of E.J. Hughes' career and the difficulties he had to surmount in order to live by his art. Hughes is now recognized as one of Canada's finest draughtsman and it's most important landscape artist during the latter half of the 20th Century. The film features original music by B.C. composer/guitarist Brad Prevedoros.

•Winner of two Gold Remi awards at the 2008 Houston WorldFest Film Festival in the Sports category for a short video about the 2007 Nanaimo B.C. Seniors Games and in the Promotional/Advertising category for a promotional video short about the Vancouver Island International Children's Festival. Awarded a Silver Remi for the TV pilot Island Time in Bamfield in the travel and tourism category in 2007.

•Producer of commercial videos for a list of clients including: the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority, Yacht Path International, Nanaimo Port Authority, Child Development Centre, Celtfest 2007, the Retirement Lifestyle Center, Inc. for Scotia Bank, and others.

Films by Jeffrey Patton