Jeremiah Patton


Jeremiah began his video career with courses in advanced video editing at the backlot of Universal Studios in Orlando with InVision Digital, and continues its enrichment in the Vancouver Island University's Graphic Arts degree program in which he is an honours student. His teachers noted his ability to direct a film crew and "get the job done" on time and with finesse. Recently, Jeremiah both directed and edited the one-hour HD documentary E.J. Hughes Restoration, which received a standing ovation from more than 200 people packing the Shaw Auditorium in the Vancouver Island Convention Centre at its premiere. He also directed and edited the half-hour TV pilot, Island Time in Bamfield, for which he earned a Silver Remi at the 2007 WorldFest Film Festival in Houston. In 2008 he won two Gold Remi awards at WorldFest for videos entered in the Sports and Promotion categories, which are major accomplishments and a significant validation of his excellence in directing, shooting and editing. Jeremiah is a certified Final Cut Pro online video editor. He has an unusual gift among video editors in that he combines an editor's eye for precise storytelling, an artist's flair for the creative, and a musician's ear to synchronize the soundtrack's musical rhythm with what's happening visually.

Films by Jeremiah Patton