Su-An Ng


Su-An Ng is originally from Singapore, where she spent most of her life growing up. Su-An was tired of how art was valued less than academics in Asia and yearned to pursue her art interests somewhere in the world that would take it seriously. Having spent a few years living in Vancouver when she was a child, Su-An decided to pursue her passion for art at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. During this time, she was able to go wild and experiment with drawing, printmaking, design, sound and photography. She soon discovered that animation was the one medium that could encompass all of these mediums that she enjoys working in. After four years, Su-An Ng graduates with a Bachelors of Media Arts, majoring in Animation.

Her graduation film, Nature on its Course was the winner of the 2009 Emily Carr University President's Media Arts Award. The jury commented on the "film's originality, effective blend of techniques, sophistication and how it revealed its message subtly."

Interested in experimental approaches in her work, Su-An is a multidisciplinary designer and animator who doesn't limit herself when trying to solve her creative problems. Whether it is using traditional 2d hand drawn animation, 3d motion graphics or stop motion animation, Su-An is willing to explore any medium necessary to get her message across.

Su-An founded the Motion Sickness Animation Collective in 2008. This collective allows for experimentation and collaboration with other animators in Vancouver. Their goal is to refresh the artistic standard through time-based media. She also contributes to the Roy Was Here Artist Collective in which she designs graphics for t-shirts and other accessories.

If Su-An is not in front of her computer working away, she might be somewhere in the world camping in the woods, hiking up a mountain, or kayaking at sea.

Artist's Statement
Throughout my development as an artist, I have been exploring the relationships between people and their immediate environments. I am interested in social design, making change, sustainability, and education, art as expression and art as a problem solver. I have always been influenced by design, photography and critical theory and see myself using animation as a form of time-based media to communicate ideas and stimulate discourse. I am inspired by everything around me, from the sound of trickling water on a mountain top to the design of chipping paint on the wall to the color of my coffee. What drew me to animation is the inter-disciplinary nature of the medium. With the combination of the power of storytelling, it presents itself as a limitless form of expression. I am excited about the possibilities.

Films by Su-An Ng