Gillian Cole


Gillian Cole grew up in a small town. Gillian had always had an elephant-sized imagination, and aspired to do something with herself that would harbor her creativity. It didn't take Gillian long to realize that the small town she had grown up in was a vacation spot and did not fit her constant need to create. Gillian packed her bags, paper airplanes, ceiling fan and VHS tapes and applied to Emily Carr University of Art and Design. After four lengthy years Gillian graduated and broke free, making a trail of short animated films. Gillian currently resides in Vancouver, B.C and continues to paint, draw, animate and read theory. Gillian is an active member of the arts community. Some of the projects Gillian has done include public service announcements for Insite, Roy Was Here artist collective in which she is "creative director", and is co-founder of the Motion Sickness Collective (animation collective).

Artist's Statement
Since the dawn of existence, from which society has evolved, has followed an instinctual need to eat. Humankind is driven by its id to compulsively feed itself; in this sense, we are machines. In the conquest of success we are confronted with our own hedonism. As Darwin demonstrated "Natural Selection" as a species, we are not separate from other animals. In contrast, we are similar to our hunter and gathering relatives. Although our society has shifted to a "consumer" culture we are still on the hunt. Although much is provided to us we consistently "hunt" for a means to achieve the highest ranking in our cultural hierarchy. Therefore, capitalism, pronounced in our culture is seemingly the new breed of hunting and "eating" in the metaphorical sense. Monopolies are created, and employ individuals for minimum wage. To eat is to indulge, and to reinforce total control over what is being ingested. Depending on the situation characters or individuals take the role of the predator or victim. The more powerful character or force will devour the weak in order to live, and or succeed in its environment. The zeitgeist of modern society deems that in order to be successful and maintain status, we must not let anyone or thing get in our way, thus ingesting or ripping it apart. I want the viewer to get a sense of social realism, although the film will be largely based on metaphors. Dinner Parade will cover various situations, such as power, corruption, evolution, and "day to day modern life". The film will be driven from heavy social situations to lighter metaphors. The act of "devouring" can be thought of as the protagonist, which seeps into each vignette.

Films by Gillian Cole