Carol Halstead

When Carol Halstead was attending art school she recalls the surprise of a fellow student who wanted to know why she was in school at 60 years of age. This served as inspiration for her film Why?. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1930, Halstead has worked as a farmer, a teacher, a crew member on a 33-foot sailing sloop, a laundry flatwork operator in the Vancouver Hotel, and a psychiatric child care counsellor. She has several university degrees, including a B.A. in Comparative Slavonic Philology (University of British Columbia), a M.A. in English Literature (Simon Fraser University), and a Diploma in Fine Arts (The Emily Carr College of Art and Design). In addition to her work in film, Carol has worked as a visual artist and has travelled extensively through Europe, the Middle East, and east Asia. She is currently enrolled in the Film Program at Simon Fraser University.

Films by Carol Halstead