Chris Gallagher


My work in film and photography examines the philosophical paradoxes and contradictions in our perception of the apparent normal space and time continuum. By applying creative cinematic strategies to everyday imagery my work seeks to develop representations that reveal the extraordinary in the ordinary.
-Chris Gallagher

Foxglove Films is Chris Gallagher. Born in Vancouver, Canada, Gallagher attended Vancouver College, The University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University. He has traveled extensively and taught at the University of Regina during the eighties and is now an Associate Professor of film at The University of British Columbia.

Gallagher's application of uncommon sense to the physical artifacts of our media saturated existence has also been applied to other art practices such as photography, sculpture and performance work. In the seventies and eighties Gallagher's photography was included in many exhibitions, publications and collections. His picture of a simple floating cup was described as a "major image" by The National Gallery of Canada, and his Santa pictures, a collaboration with Sir Real, were exhibited widely and one particular image Reindeer Discipline created a furor when exhibited at The Vancouver Art Gallery. His "events" for example The Kodak Kahuna Show, Santa's Luau and other Tungsten Shadows presentations were impossible to categorize, existing in an undefined and ephemeral territory somewhere in a triangle formed by theatre, art and carnival act. Aerial Image, an installation in the winter night sky on the Canadian prairie coordinated an intersection of aging film projection technology with common natural phenomena.


Films by Chris Gallagher