Jody Kramer


A recent graduate from the Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver, Canada, Jody Kramer is happiest when she is sitting at an animation table. Using felt pens to create a rough and bold line, she explores the humour and horror in small, human moments. Jody studied theatre at the University of British Columbia in the early 1990's, and uses those skills to create tense storylines and sincerity in motion. She is heavily influenced by the experimentation and social content of the National Film Board of Canada's animation productions. When not animating, she is active in Vancouver's unique bluegrass music community, which keeps her busy with song-writing, jamming and potluck suppers.

"The story for Pinch grew out of physical pain that would not leave my arms. After a year of diligent physiotherapy, the pain started to dissipate. I had the odd and disturbing sensation of emotional loss when the pain, which I had grown used to, started to leave me. "Pinch" evolved from a simple drawing of the feelings in my arms to an exploration of why we humans are attached to those things that do us harm."
- Jody Kramer


Films by Jody Kramer