Eunhee Cha


Born in Korea, Eunhee Cha grew up in the northern town of Fort McMurray, Alberta. She attended the University of Alberta, Edmonton and received degrees in both music and education. Through her work teaching music and drama in British Columbia and teaching English in Japan, she realized her impact in the lives of young people. With the talents she developed, Eunhee felt she should try to apply them all in one career. Using the best medium in which to reach the most people, she decided to focus on film creation.

After returning from Japan, Eunhee took film courses at the Vancouver Film School but found she needed more hand-on experience. Avanti Productions hired her where she gained experiences in pre-production, production and post-production for various projects.

After six months, Uni-Cam Productions was created for corporate videos, Internet shows, commercials, short films, and documentaries. Recently, her documentary called Journey for Lotus was premiered at Vancouver International Film Festival. It has starting its own journey into many other film festivals around the world.

Although Eunhee Cha has only been involved in film for about four years, she has begun honing the skills and experience one needs to become a successful filmmaker. Eunhee is currently working on a documentary, A Tribe of One. This project was chosen as one of five diversity projects from National Film Board across Canada.

Films by Eunhee Cha