Doug Cuthand

Doug Cuthand is an award-winning independent producer, writer and journalist. Through his company Blue Hill Productions, he develops and produces documentaries, docudramas, and dramas for all markets.

Doug attended Simon Fraser University in BC and eventually moved back to Saskatchewan. He established the Saskatchewan Indian, a political newsmagazine and was vice Chief for the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations from 1977 - 1982.

Since 1988, Doug has concentrated on his craft. He thoroughly loves making documentary and dramatic productions. He enjoys telling other people's stories and believes that when people know each other, it's harder for racism and hatred to take root.

Many of Doug's productions have screened at festivals and he has received numerous awards including: 2003 - Childhood Lost and Donna's Story, screened at Palm Springs Native American Film Festival, 2002 - Donna's Story, Best one hour documentary Saskatchewan Motion Picture Association, 2002 - Childhood Lost, Antoinette Kryski Canadian heritage Golden Sheaf Award, Yorkton Short Film Festival, 2001 - Circle of Voices, award for best documentary, Imaginative Film Festival, Toronto, 2000 - Circle of Voices APTN Telefilm Award for best Aboriginal Production.

Films by Doug Cuthand