Annie Frazier Henry

Annie Frazier Henry, through her company, Full Regalia Productions, has produced both dramatic films and documentary programs ~ Annie recently executive produced and wrote DON'T CALL ME TONTO, the comedy feature, starring David Hasselhoff, Gordon Tootoosis and Michael Moriarty. Tonto received Best of the Festival at the Prince Edward Island Film Festival to rave reviews.

Annie's most recent documentary, SPIRIT OF THE GAME, is a celebration of First Nation's sports. She and her crew follow the lives of young Native Indian athletes over 2 years time ~ their struggles, celebrations and stories, as they journey to the North American Indigenous Games. SPIRIT has screened internationally and recently received a LEO, and the ‘MILAGRO' Award for Best Indigenous Film at the Santa Fe International Film Festival.

Other titles include SINGING OUR STORIES, LEGENDS sxwexwxwiy'am; The Story of Siwash Rock, starring Dakota House, TO RETURN aedaaq: The John Walkus Story, TOTEM TALK, an animated/live action, and the acclaimed LADIES OF THE INLET.

Annie received the honour of Aboriginal Producer, Writer and Director of the 21rst Century - presented at the Aboriginal Visions & Voices Symposium. Her films try to reflect the importance of tradition within today's way of life. She is constantly exploring new ways of making the old stories relevant to a modern generation. She lives on the Northwest coast of British Columbia with her children.

Films by Annie Frazier Henry