Marianne Kaplan

Marianne Kaplan is the Vancouver-based director, producer and co-writer of The Boy Inside, a highly personal, new one-hour documentary about her son Adam, 12, who has Asperger Syndrome, a form of high-functioning autism. The film will be seen nationally later this year on CBC Television's new documentary series The Lens.

Marianne Kaplan has produced and directed critically acclaimed, award-winning television documentaries since 1985. Her films are known for their synthesis of powerful content with high production and entertainment values.

Her film Deconstructing Supper (2002), which she directed, co-produced and co-wrote, was a wide-ranging one-hour documentary that followed Vancouver restaurateur/chef John Bishop on a worldwide odyssey to discover the answer to the simple question: "In a brave new world of genetically-modified products, what really are our food choices?". The film has generated enormous and ongoing positive interest and response after its broadcasts on the Global Television Network, Vision, W Network and others.

Songololo: Voices of Change (1991), a one-hour documentary which she directed and co-produced, was hailed as the first post-apartheid film about South Africa. Songololo was filmed entirely in South Africa and depicts the powerful role black South African culture plays in the survival and triumph of a people. Highlights amongst its many awards and festival screenings are the Golden Gate Award, 1991 San Francisco International Film Festival; NFB Kathleen Shannon Award; 1991 Yorkton Short Film & Video Festival; and a 1991 Genie Award nomination for ‘Best Documentary'. The film was broadcast on CBC, TVOntario, Vision TV, and Knowledge Network, among others.

Marianne Kaplan also produced and directed the short film, Petroglyphs: Images in Stone (1985), a powerful film about the first peoples of the Pacific North West. Petroglyphs presents a beautiful & visceral evocation of the spiritual and cultural life of west coast people. The film was broadcast on CBC and Knowledge Network.

Kaplan also worked for eight years as a Set Decorator in the film industry and taught art direction for four years at the Vancouver Film School.

Marianne Kaplan lives in Vancouver with her husband and two children.

Films by Marianne Kaplan