Sonja Ruebsaat

Sonja Ruebsaat is an emerging filmmaker from Vancouver B.C. Canada. She focuses primarily on creative storytelling and documenting personal stories in a way that is meant to bring hope to the viewer. Sonja is passionate about the movement towards conscious media and encouraging advertisers to be accountable for any media that negatively impacts people's well being. Sonja is mother to two young boys, both born in and around the process of creating No Numbers. She graduated from Vancouver Film School's New Media program in 2000. She has since worked as an editor on many projects ranging from charity fund-raisers, short films, corporate and government video projects. No Numbers is her first film and has opened her to the many possibilities for healing inherent in telling one's story. Sonja is planning to further explore the application of creativity in the treatment of people coming through eating disorders and addictions.

Films by Sonja Ruebsaat