Mitra Sen


Mitra is a graduate of York University's Film Production program and she received her B. Ed. from the University of Toronto. Upon graduation, Mitra became the Assistant Director of the critically acclaimed CBC series Degrassi Junior High. Her first independent production was, just a little red dot..., a docu-drama which empowers children to challenge racism and shares the message of peace and understanding between people of all backgrounds. The film received 12 international awards including the Most Popular Film at the Chicago Children's International Film Festival, Best Short Film at the Children's Film Festival in India, and the Golden Book Prize at the Roshd Film Festival for Best Educational Film. just a little red dot... has been invited to over 35 film festivals including Roger Ebert's Film Festival and has travelled extensively to universities internationally that deal with Peace Studies. The Peace Tree film has been invited to 45 film festivals and received 12 international awards including the Liv Ullmann Peace Prize. The film has also triggered the creation of Peace Trees internationally and the proclamation of Peace Tree Day on June 1st. by mayors in the City of Toronto, York Region, and Windsor. The Peace Tree has also triggered the creation of the Peace Tree Ambassadors' Network, Peace Tree Clubs and a Peace Tree Garden and Pavilion. Mitra is presently in pre-production on her new film Footprints to Jaisalmer to be shot in Rajasthan, India. Mitra was also the Director of Programming for ReelWorld Film Festival in 2003 and 2004.

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