Susan Stewart

Susan Stewart is an interdisciplinary artist who has produced videos, mixed media installations and performances since the late 1970s. Collaboration forms the crux of her art practice. Susan's production, scene unseen, was a three-channel video installation that premiered at Artspeak Gallery, Vancouver, 2000. The work examines issues of surveillance in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, a neighbourhood in the grip of severe social
Problems. Susan is a founding member of Kiss & Tell, which after 14 years of continuous production is one of Canada's most long-standing and acclaimed art collectives. She has worked with video production for years, frequently in interdisciplinary and experimental contexts. Her early work included single and multi-channel pieces. With Kiss & Tell, she co-wrote and produced the widely viewed work, True Inversions (1993), as well as numerous video projections used in performances and installations. She is an Associate Professor at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and teaches in Integrated Media.

Films by Susan Stewart