Amy Tall Chief

Amy is a successful television and film actress and theater director who switched mediums in 2001. Amy has always been interested in shooting documentaries and being that she is Osage from Oklahoma, she felt that was the best information to start with. Amy attended college at the University of Texas, Arlington, where she graduated with a BFA, specializing in Performance, Directing and Costuming. She is an expert in Native American beadwork and champion Southern Buckskin and Cloth Dancer from Grayhorse Village in Osage County. After working as a theatre director and actress in the Dallas, TX area she moved to New York City and continued pursing her directing and acting career. After working as an Associate Producer and lead actress on the film, Dead or in Huntsville, which is now in negotiations with HBO, her drive for filmmaking was even bigger. Amy applied for the competitive, 2003 filmmaking program at Third World Newsreel and was accepted. After successfully completing the program and having her eyes opened to more aspects of filmmaking, she jumped right in to several new projects. Her 26-minute documentary Plastic Warriors on American Indian stereotypes won 2004 Best Documentary Short in it's very first screening at Arlene's Grocery Picture Show in New York City. Amy's current documentary is entitled Ki-Hi-Ka Ste: Tall Chief reflects the life of one of the most valuable chief's in Osage Nation history.

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