Order informationAlthough single copies of DVDs can be purchased through our secure online order system, we encourage you to contact our office for additional information from staff who are well informed about works in our collection.

For rentals (single or multiple screenings), gallery exhibition or delivery by streaming for educational use, please contact us by email or phone (604.684.3014 or toll-free in North America at 800.684.3014).

Methods of payment: Insitutions providing purchase orders are offered 30-day payment terms. We also accept payment by credit cards or prepayment by cheque. If you wish to prepay by cheque, please contact our office directly first to receive a complete quote with shipping and any applicable taxes.

Online Orders

To order online, first register for an account, identifying your institution or organization. An insitutional account can also be used for online previewing. Accepted credit cards for online ordering are VISA and MasterCard. Institutional pruchase orders are also accepted through our online ordering system. To add a purchase order number, click on the green Change Option button on the Payment Method page.

Order by phone

Please call between 8:30 and 4:30 Pacific Standard time, Monday to Friday.
For local inquiries, within the Lower Mainland of British Columbia: 604.684.3014.
Toll-free (North America): 1.800.684.3014.

Order by mail or fax

Download our order form, which can be completed electronically or manually and send it to our office by email:  mailbox[at]movingimages.ca or fax it to 604.684.7165. Please contact our office if you have any questions about shipping or applicable taxes.

international orders

For orders outside North America, please contact our office by email, phone or fax as distribution rights for international territories may vary with each work. Nearly all our work in the collection is in the NTSC system of video. DVDs are in the DVD-R format and are encoded for all-region or region zero. Since orders placed are final sales, please check playback equipment for compatibility before ordering. DVDs in the PAL system of video may also be provided for some titles. Please inquire, and note  that there may be an extra charge.

please inquire

For licenses for exhibition, streaming for use in education, volume discounts for mulitple single copies for educational use or licensed duplication for educational use.

replacement policy

Defective DVDs will be replaced without charge within 60 days of date of receipt.


The creators of all works distributed by Moving Images Distribution hold copyright for their work. All purchasers are to specify use required precisely at time of ordering and agree to comply with all copyright, trademark and intellectual property law. No materials purchased may be used outside the rights acquired at time of purchase or may be reproduced in whole or in part by any method now known or not yet known. No materials purchased without specific broadcast license and agreement may be broadcast, retransmitted or exhibited in whole or in part without a specific license agreement from Moving Images Distribution for such use.


Formats available for single copy purchase are listed on each Title page.

Prices for different usage rights for single copy purchases appear at the right of each Title page. Prices listed are in Canadian dollars, are subject to change without notice and do not include shipping charges and taxes that may apply on orders in Canada.

Pricing levels for single copy purchase will vary with specific type of use required, described as Site Type. Definitions for usage rights pertaining to each Site Type appear in a pull down menu in each pricing box.

Questions about usage rights pertaining to pricing? Please inquire.


Shipping and handling charges apply to each order and will vary with location and level of shipping service.

Prepaid shipping charges are based on a variety of methods and levels of service through Canada Post or couriers. You can select the shipping method during the online checkout procedure and charges will be added to your order. Shipping charges are subject to change without notice.

Prefer courier collect? Please contact our office directly to use your own courier for a collect shipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I view my previous orders?

First log in, then click Account. In the right sidebar, click on View the orders I have made. A list of your purchases will be displayed. Please note that this does not include purchases made outside of the online store.

Do you accept orders from outside North America?

We do have international rights for many works in the collection but not all. Please contact our office if you wish to place an order.

All pricing shown is for work created in the NTSC system of video. DVDs available for sale are DVD-R copies and are encoded as NTSC "all region" or Region Zero. While they are compatible with most DVD playback equipment, please check your playback requirements before ordering as refunds are not offered on any international orders.

If you require a single copy in a different system of video (PAL or Secam), please contact our office and we can quote extra charges that may apply.

What is the procedure to submit something for distribution?

Completed works:
We select a limited number of completed works for distribution each year, and focus on representing work by Canadian artists and producers. Please do not send unsolicited preview DVDs.

Please contact us first by email and provide the following information:

• title, length, copyright date and a synopsis of the work
• a link to a clip or trailer, if available
• your full contact information including phone number

We will respond to your inquiry as promptly as we can. During our busiest promotional periods--March-May and September-December, a reply may be delayed. We are able review new works for distribution more promptly in the months of January and February and from early May to the end of August.

New projects:
To discuss possible future distribution for a project you are developing, please contact us by email. If you need a letter of support and indication of distribution interest we require "first right of refusal" for distribution of the work when it is completed.

How do I change my account information (shipping/billing information, password, etc)?

To change any account information, first log in. In the upper right corner of the screen, where your cart is displayed, click Account, and you will be led to the page that gives you the option to view or change your account information.

What is Moving Images Distribution's replacement policy?

Moving Images Distribution guarantees that all DVDs will be free from defects at the time of delivery. Defective discs returned to Moving Images within 30 days of purchase will be replaced at no charge. Please include a copy of the original invoice. Contact the office by phone or email before you send the disc back. If possible, note the time code and what type of error occurs.

Is it possible to purchase a DVD if VHS is indicated as the only available format?

This is possible for most works listed, but not all. Please inquire. Since encoding may be required, please provide advance notice and request a price for the DVD format which may not be the same as what is indicated for VHS.

What playback equipment is needed for the DVDs being sold here?

DVD-Rs will play on most computers. They are only compatible with certain DVD players--please see the link to DVD-R Player Compatibility Chart below.

DVD-R Player Compatibility Chart

What do I do if the DVD I've received is damaged?

Moving Images Distribution wants to ensure your experience is as problem-free as possible. Since our policy is to replace DVDs within 30 days of purchase, we encourage buyers to provide detailed information regarding any problems with DVDs as soon as they receive the.

Before you contact us, please do the following:

  • Make sure you DVD player is compatible with DVD-R discs. Check this website for a list of DVD-R compatible players.
  • Examine the disc, and make sure the surface is clean of dust and fingerprint marks. Clean the disc with a soft, clean cloth, whiping from the centre to the outer edge. If necessary, use water with the cloth. Never use petroleum-based solvents, as they damage the surface of the DVD.
Why are single copy prices so high?
  • Moving Images Distribution is not a consumer home-use distributor. We primarily distributes work to institutions, organizations, galleries, museums and public libraries.
  • We distribute independent media works, so our pricing is higher than DVDs created by corporations, public broadcasters or an agency of government. The works we distribute have been created by artists and independent producers who retain editorial control and copyright, and a good portion of the price is returned to them through royalties. This helps them to help recoup production costs and start on new projects.
Why haven't I found the question or answer that suits my needs?

Please call us at 604.684.3014 or toll free at 1.800.684.3014 or send an email to mailbox@movingimages.ca and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.


Single copies for preview
Previews for consideration for purchase can be provided to funded media buyers from Canadian educational institutions for a limited time (usually two weeks). There is no charge for previews, which are shipped with a Quotation that indicates the purchase price and required return date.

Previews must be returned by prepaid shipping to our office by the date that is indicated on the Quotation slip enclosed with the preview copy unless arrangements have been made to extend the period of time for preview. We reserve the right to consider preview copies that have not been returned 30 days after the specified return date as a sale and will issue and invoice at the prices listed on the Quotation slip.

Clients fairly confident they wish to order a copy may also request a "purchase copy on approval." In these cases, the Quotation slip will feature a note indicating the copy to be a new sales copy and specify the date by which our office requires confirmation of the purchase, at which point an invoice will be issued unless we are informed otherwise.

Works sent for preview for consideration for purchase are not to be used for teaching purposes (see Rentals, below) or for any other purposes other than to make an informed decision. We reserve the right to revoke preview privileges at any time if we understand they are being abused in any way.

Digital files for preview
We are plesed to offer direct online previewing on request to institutional clients who have an account. Our mpeg4 files that can be viewed with QuickTime or Windows Media Player. For such previews, please contact our office in advance. Under normal circumstances, such files can be provided between 24 and 48 hours of the request.


Please inquire by email or phone for rental rates for classroom use or for screenings of work in front of a group whether admission is charged or not. Please provide as much notice as possible, providing information on the number of screenings and circumstances of intended use.

All works rented must be returned by prepaid traceable form of shipment by the required rate of return indicated on the packing slip.

Educational clients please inquire regarding our policy on reduced pricing for a work purchased within 60 days of being rented for classroom use.


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